Google Data Studio - Data Visualisation & Reporting

What looks to be a giant new leap in Google data reporting and visualisation tools – Google Data Studio - has recently been unleashed. Ahead of its international launch we thought it would be a good idea to give you a run-down of the main capabilities on offer, and prepare you for what we think will be a very important tool going forwards in the world of Analytics reporting.

What Is It?

Google Data Studio - currently in beta in the UK - is a powerful and free dash boarding tool for marketers. It provides an integrated platform allowing you to connect Google products like Google Analytics, Adwords and Google Sheets, and build interactive reports from each tool’s data using widgets. And like Google Docs it has been built with sharing and collaboration in mind, and each report can be customised according to your client’s needs - right down to styling and colour themes to match branding guidelines.

The following exciting new features are things we’re looking forward to trying out in the coming months:

  • Connect and share data from different Google products within the same report (future integration with non-Google products will be available at a later date)
  • Interactive dashboards with control elements that allow dynamic user report segmentation to surface comparative metrics, for example by selecting a different demographic or date range
  • Customisation - styling and theme controls, including tools to draw shapes, allowing the creation of unique reports to suit specific branding requirements
  • Collaboration and sharing made easy with clickable links and edit/view access privileges sent by email.

At the moment Data Studio is only available in the US; the rest of the world is due to follow soon (although some agencies are able to sign up for the beta version. We’ll take a more in-depth look at the new offering with an extensive hands-on once it launches in the UK.

UPDATE: Data Studio has now been opened up to the UK. You can sign in and try it out for yourself here.

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