Greater Integration Between Google Analytics & Search Console

Google has announced a major change to how Google Analytics and Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) work together. The upcoming changes mean the two products will offer deeper integration with one another.

Understanding Search

Once available you will now be able to see Google Search Console metrics alongside Google Analytics metrics - in some reports side-by-side - allowing for a fuller picture of your website’s organic search performance.

Google Console and Analytics Behavioural Metrics Combined

A significant new capability is being able to see Search Console metrics alongside Behavioural and Conversion metrics in Analytics. Behavioural metrics will be available for landing pages, countries and devices (although do not at least currently appear for search queries).

When’s It Happening?

The changes will be rolling out over the next few weeks and may not hit everyone at the same time, but when it’s ready (and as long as your properties are linked) you’ll be able to navigate to the new ‘Search Console’ section within the ‘Acquisition’ section. So keep your eyes peeled!

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