Setting Up Audiences For Remarketing In Google Analytics

Remarketing via Google Adwords offers a powerful opportunity to retarget people who have visited your site. With the introduction of Google Analytics audience lists retargeting has become even more powerful.

For example, someone may have visited your site and not completed a purchase or some other interaction you were hoping for and so targeting them with a tailored ad may encourage them to return.

Firstly enable remarketing:

  • Log into Analytics
  • Click Admin
  • Navigate to Property, then Tracking Info, and finally Data Collection. Ensure remarketing is set to ‘ON’.

Now it’s time to build audiences:

  • Click Admin
  • In the Property Column click “Audience Definitions” and then select “Audiences”

select remarketing

    • If you already have an audience set up on the next screen, you can add another by clicking +New Audience.
    • Otherwise select the MAIN View (for whatever site you are in) underneath "Link Configuration"

select audience

  • Select the associated AdWords account using the “Destination Account” option (not you’ll need Admin access to both the Analytics account and relevant AdWords account to do so).
  • Click Next Step and enable remarketing
  • Then choose how you want to build the audience list (to target for remarketing).

define audience

For example you could choose everyone (All Users), new or returning users, users who complete a preconfigured goal or users who complete a transaction

  • For more advanced options select “Smart List” – this enables you to build up a segment based upon more complex rules – for example traffic sources (e.g. campaigns) or content that people have viewed
  • NOTE – for Smart Lists you may need to use “Regular Expressions” to build up complex rules (e.g. for multiple pages people have viewed).

  • Lists are available to use in AdWords as soon as you’ve set them up. However there must be a minimum number of people who quality for the audience (at least 1,000 users) before your remarketing ads actually start to show

Check back for how to use your new audience lists in Adwords!

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