An Introduction to Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Reporting

With the remarkable rise in online retail competition is now tougher than ever. On top of this, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and demanding so retailers have to work extra hard to adapt their services to ever changing online shopping patterns.

Google’s Enhanced eCommerce tracking can help by providing insight into customer behaviour and the effectiveness of merchandising efforts. The emphasis now lies in understanding shopping habits, sales regeneration activities and effective customer segmentation.

With Enhanced Ecommerce you can see:

  • View and click data for promotional campaigns
  • View and click data for individual products
  • View data for product detail pages
  • Added and removed products from your shopping basket
  • Data on started, completed and abandoned checkouts
  • Refund requests

Once Enhanced eCommerce is enabled and feeding data through to Google Analytics you gain access to a number of reports:

  • Shopping behaviour. You can look at the whole purchase funnel from a product page view through to a purchase. This can be customised to accommodate for specific elements unique to your shopping funnel
  • Checkout behaviour. This report specifically looks at identifying the paths taken through your checkout process. This can be a powerful tool in understanding checkout funnel exits and can help in providing ideas for improvement.
  • Product performance. Allows for the evaluation of individual products. You will be able to view the number of times a product has been viewed, added or removed from a cart and purchased.
  • Product list performance. Helps with understanding and managing intra-site marketing. This means you can now compare products that are in a ‘Bestselling’ category to ‘Other people have purchased’ products.
  • Coupon and affiliate marketing. You track revenue, transactions, and average order value as they are associated with affiliate sites that drive customers to your site. Additionally you can look at the effectiveness of internal promotions and product-level coupons.

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce is a complete revamp of the traditional eCommerce tracking as it provides many more ways to collect and analyse data. As a result it may feel a little daunting to implement but, if done properly, it may open up a world of opportunities.

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